One yoga posture per day

Bearing in mind the foods that are kind to our bodies, selecting those that can help us to heal, and eating in a peaceful way, this is an excellent start. However, yoga postures will keep the abdomen toned and the digestive tract running smoothly.

Just one yoga posture a day can make an enormous difference. Try the ‘cat stretch and breath’ (Marjariasana). This exercise will keep your spine supple, will tone your abdomen and will offer you a moving meditation. Come on to all fours. Check that your wrists are dropping down straight beneath your shoulders. Check that your fingers are spread (take your index finger to your thumb if you suffer with migraines). Check that your knees are dropping straight down from your hips and that your big toes are stretching back and away. Now focus on the base of your spine. As you breathe in, turn up the tail, abdomen moves down, chest fills with air and the head moves up to look at the ceiling (on a soft neck.).As you breathe out, tuck under the tail, abdomen draws up, air leaves the chest and the chin comes in to touch the chest. Proceed like this. Everytime you breathe in, you dip the back, and everytime you breathe out you arch the back. Once you are focussed on your breathing, you will be uniting body, mind and breath. This is a great moving meditation, which will calm you and bring you into a peaceful place all of your own!