Take a leek!

Leeks have been cultivated for at least 4,000 years as both food and medicine. They are important in the detoxification process. They are anti-bacterial and protect against stomach cancer. Greeks and Romans used them to deal with throat and voice problems. Indeed the Emperor Nero ate a leek everyday to improve his singing voice, and in French folk remedies leeks were recommended for all breathing problems. They are a source of potassium and vitamin C .and are most helpful for alleviating arthritis and gout. The green part of the leek is rich in betacarotene which the body converts into vitamin A.

I’m half Welsh and the leek is traditionally worn by Welshmen on St. David’s Day. Could this be what contributes to their wonderful singing voices?! Leeks in cheese sauce are a firm favourite in our family.

Go on…take a leek! Choose organic…