Minty fresh

Grow your own mint, either in a tub in the garden, or on your kitchen window-sill. Then it is sure to be organic! Spearmint or Mentha spicata is especially delicious. This mint dates back to Roman times, when it was used as a tonic and a mental stimulant. The Egyptians left sprigs of mint in the tombs of pharoahs. It is also mentioned in the bible, and has been used for making oils by the Japanese since the first century.

Mint tea is used to alleviate headaches, particularly those caused by too much stress. The tea has a calming effect and improves concentration.Even having the plant growing near you is beneficial. As you pass, rub the leaves between your fingers.and inhale its fragrance.

Mint is best known as a digestive aid as it improves fat digestion. It soothes the stomach lining.and relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract. Therefore it is highly recommended for those with irritable bowel syndrome. In the Middle East, every meal ends with a mint tea for digestion. This is the herbal tea most on offer in cafes and restaurants nowadays, but nothing beats picking your own leaves and steeping them in hot water! .