I once had a parsnip souffle in a restaurant. It was about twenty years ago and I still remember how delicious it was! Parsnips have a unique and delicious flavour. Do eat them when they are in season. Locally grown food always tastes so much better, and it cuts down on road miles and pollution. As a vegetarian, I so look forward to a wonderful nut roast with masses of vegetables and wonderful roast parsnips for Christmas lunch.

Parsnips contain fibre,, potassium, folic acid, vitamins E and B, and minerals. Records of eating parsnips goes back to Roman times. Apparently the emperor Tiberius ordered this delicious vegetable to be sent to Rome from the banks of the River Rhine.

The fibre in parsnips help to keep the bowel healthy, and the vitamins and folate keep the blood cells in good order. Source organic whenever you can.