We’ve been following the theme of ‘Food is Medicine’, but the manner of your eating matters too. In the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, Southern India, we were required to eat in silence. If chatting occurred, a loud ‘OM’ would resound around the hall to remind us! Eating quietly and resting afterwards, having a period of quiescence, ensures that the nutritious content of the food is appreciated and that the digestive system can work efficiently.

Yoga tells us about the three gunas. These three energies form the qualities or constituents of nature. Rajas is motion, activity, passion. Tamas is darkness, inertia, heaviness. Sattva is purity, clarity, balance..Eating in the state of sattva ensures proper digestion and assimilation of food, while ‘eating on the go’ is rajasic and guarantees indigestion. Being in the tamasic state while eating, and indeed eating foods which produce this tamasic state, guarantees heaviness in all respects.

Preparation of food for others also needs consideration! If you’re angry and harassed and your quickly making a meal for the family, when they eat it they will take on that rajasic energy! That’s a recipe for everyone becoming cross! If you are in the calm state of Sattva when you prepare food, the love is baked in! The family or friends ‘enjoying’ your food will actually receive the joy from within it! Worth practising some quiescence…