Food for more thought

It is prana that fuels our wheels of energy, known as chakras. There are seven main chakras, and here we’re going to look at the root chakra. This is situated at the base of the spine. Its Sanskrit name is MULADHARA, and its colour is red. The seed sound or mantra of the root chakra is LAM.

This wheel of energy is concerned with our life here on the Earth; with being in a physical body. When we work with the root chakra we become grounded. Muladhara is responsible for the legs and the feet, and the way that we walk on this Earth. It is also connected to the base of the spine and to the organs of elimination. It is associated with our basic survival skills: live or die; fight or flight.

Red foods stimulate the root chakra. Try eating foods such as tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, cherries and raspberries. (Always source organic.)