We’ve explored the idea that prana (life-force) fuels the seven main wheels of energy(chakras). It therefore follows that we want to use the best fuel possible for this purpose. Just as we would choose the correct fuel for the car, we want to select the best fuel for our energy body. Hence our interest in the values of individual foods – food is medicine. We gather good, wholesome prana from the foods that we eat and the water that we drink.

The third chakra is known as the solar plexus chakra or MANIPURA., (lustrous gem). It is connected to the element of fire and its seed sound is RAM. The colour of this wheel is yellow, and it is concerned with your will and self-empowerment. When this chakra is in perfect balance, you experience good self-esteem, confidence and a sense of you own personal power. Foods that would help Manipura would be lemons, sweetcorn, yellow peppers and bananas. Right now, we are surrounded by daffodils. These gorgeous flowers give an enormous boost to our feelings of get-up-and-go!