From the heart

On the subject of the heart, my husband has been seriously ill just recently and it has been fascinating to see how people have reacted. This is


We were adrift on a stormy sea,

Ill-prepared, anxious, in unknown territory.

Some folk, from a distance, waved.

In their hands we would not be saved.

Others turned and looked away,

Swivelling their eyes to the beauty of the bay.

Some threw ropes, ill-judged and missing by a mile,

“I tried a bit – I only had a little while.”

We floundered on, isolated and adrift,

Emotional intelligence challenged, rare insights a gift.

Friends whose words were spectacularly wrong,

Helped us somehow and made us strong.

THEN there were those whose hearts were true and steady.

Their love was such that when called they were ready.

With unseen rope and unseen hand

They gently guided us nearer to land.

They loved us home to a more gentle place,

Soul purpose and spirit intact, filled with grace.

Carole Kerton April 10th 2015