Non-violence, AHIMSA

On this blog we’ve considered the super-foods that best nourish the physical body. Then we moved on to looking at the subtle energy centres which nourish the whole being. Lets move now to the mental and ethical yogic guidelines.

Patanjali set down the EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA. The first two are guides for living ethically, and they are known as YAMAS and NIYAMASA.

The first of the YAMAS – which are abstinences or ‘don’ts’ – is AHIMSA, non-violence. This Yama encourages us to be non-violent in every respect, in thought, word and deed. Most yogis are vegan or vegetarian because of this – the very first rule of yoga. To hurt any other creature would be wrong.Making the decision to become vegetarian lifts your energies to a higher vibration. Respect for other beings leads to a greater respect for life itself.