Atman and Brahman

It is said that prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to God.

Yogis think of the Supreme Being as Brahman. Each one of us has a little spark of Brahman within us and this is known as Atman. Atman is the True Self or soul. So when we talk about yoga being a journey of self-discovery, it is really Self-discovery.

Our soul continues on from incarnation to incarnation. It never ages or dies. It contains within it all the lessons that we have learnt. When we meet with someone who we recognise as a soul-mate, it is highly likely that we have enacted with that person before, in a previous life.

During meditation, we have an opportunity to quieten the everyday mind and to be open to insights and realisations. The more often we connect with  Brahman and Atman, the easier it becomes to live in a soulful way.