Mudras, mantras and the breath

Whilst making all conditions favourable for meditation to occur, it is useful to explore Hasta Mudras (hand positions). A mudra is a seal or gesture, which brings about a change in consciousness. It has an effect on the physical, psychological and energy levels. Two popular mudras are Chin mudra, where we squeeze together the cushions of the index finger and the thumb, while the other three fingers are long, straight and together, and Dhyana mudra, where the hands are cupped, left hand on top, thumbs are lightly touching and the hands are placed comfortably in the lap.

Mantras are a great aid to lead you into meditation, as is focussing on the breath. Simply watching the breath at the nostrils – noticing the cool air as you breathe in and the warmer air as you breathe out, is wonderfully calming. You can combine mantra and breath work with SO-HAM. This is the eternal mantra. We make the sound of SO as we breathe in and the sound of HAM as we breathe out. So Ham means ‘I am that I am’. This mantra we are using 24/7!