SAMADHI, bliss

How many times a day do YOU experience bliss?

I was just squeezed in to my big chair with our handsome, furry dog. We sat there together in total harmony. Neither of us wanted to be anywhere else. Moments of pure bliss passed by, and then I thought ‘this is bliss’. In that moment, the spell was broken. Even with that delightful thought, I had dissolved the bliss;  I had named it and reduced it to a thought.

Bliss is the Eighth Limb of Yoga. This is what we have been striving for; this is our goal. ‘Ahh’ moments, when we gaze at a rainbow, the full moon, a rose, or hug a beautiful grandchild. Moments when thought is suspended and we are totally present. Samadhi is Self-realisation, but it is so pure that only that blissful word, bliss, can describe it.