Arjuna is still in doubt

At the beginning of Chapter 5, Arjuna asks Krishna, ‘You speak so highly of renunciation of action, yet you ask me to follow the yoga of action. Now tell me definitely, which of these is better?’

Krishna replies, ‘Action rightly renounced brings freedom, action rightly performed brings freedom. Both are better than mere shunning of action. When a man lacks lust and hatred, his renunciation does not waver. he neither longs for one thing nor loathes its opposite. The chains of his delusion are soon cast off. The yoga of action, say the ignorant, is different from the yoga of the knowledge of Brahman. But the wise see knowledge and action as one. They see truly. Take either path and tread it to the end. The end is the same. There the followers of action meet the seekers after knowledge in equal freedom.’

It’s hard for us, living our fast lives in the Western World, to grasp this fully. I think the most important word here is ‘rightly’. Again we are reminded that we must follow our own path. We need to listen to our inner guru. Tuning into our intuition, we trust our inner belief system and act (or don’t act) rightly. It is that purity of purpose, without distraction, that brings peace of mind.