Arjuna wishes to see the vision of God

Arjuna says, ‘By your grace, you have taught me the truth about the Atman. Your words are mystic and sublime. They have dispelled my ignorance. From you, whose eyes are like lotus flowers, I have learnt in detail of the origin and dissolution of creatures, and of your infinite glory. O Supreme Lord, you are as you describe yourself to be: I have no doubt of that. Nevertheless, I long to behold your divine form. if you find me worthy of that vision, then reveal to me, O Master of yogis, your changeless Atman’.

So, In Chapter 11, Krishna gives Arjuna divine sight, and bestows on him the extraordinary privilege of seeing him in all his glory. Arjuna declares, ‘Ah, my God, I see all gods within your body; each in his degree, the multitude of creatures; see Lord Brahma throned upon the lotus; see all the sages, and the holy serpents. Universal form, I see you without limits, infinite of arms, eyes, mouths and bellies – see, and find no end, midst or beginning.’

We ask so many questions, as we move through life, and the Bhagavad Gita answers them all. We can see and we can know, if we search in the right place. Gandhi was never seen without his copy of the Gita…