The Yoga of Devotion

Krishna tells us, ‘A man should not hate any living creature. Let him be friendly and compassionate to all. He must free himself from the delusion of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. He must accept pleasure and pain with equal tranquillity. He must be forgiving, ever-contented, self-controlled, united constantly with me in his meditation. His resolve must be unshakeable. He must be dedicated to me in intellect and in mind. Such a devotee is dear to me. He neither molests his fellow men, nor allows himself to become disturbed by the world. He is no longer swayed by joy and envy, anxiety and fear. Therefore he is dear to me. He is pure, and independent of the body’s desire. he is able to deal with the unexpected: prepared for everything, unperturbed by anything. He is neither vain nor anxious about the results of his actions. Such a devotee is dear to me.’

This illustrates so well the detachment that we talk about in yoga. How wonderful to have no concern about the results of your actions! Because you lead a yogic way of life, because you walk in goodness, because you trust, worries of outcomes no longer concern you.

And there, in the first line, is the reference to the first rule of yoga – AHIMSA, non-violence.