Krishna continues

‘Know this, O Prince: of things created all are come forth from the seeming union of Field and Knower, Prakriti (matter) with Brahman. Who sees his Lord within every creature, deathlessly dwelling amidst the mortal: that man sees truly. Thus ever aware of the Omnipresent always about him, he offers no outrage to his own Atman, hides the face of God beneath ego no longer: therefore he reaches that bliss which is highest.’

The bliss that Krishna refers to here is Samadhi, the eighth limb of yoga. These words are meant to be read out loud. The Gita would have been enacted by travelling groups, and passed down by teacher to student.

Krishna says: ‘By the single sun this whole world is illumined: by its one Knower the Field is illumined. Who thus perceives with the eye of wisdom in what manner the Field is distinct from its Knower, how men are made free from the toils of Prakriti: his aim is accomplished, he enters the Highest.’

And so, by clever rhetoric and repetition, we understand the difference between the physical world and the spiritual world. We understand that Brahman is the Supreme Being, and that Atman is the divine spark within each and every one of us.