Biting off, chewing and digesting…

So, we’re biting off, chewing and digesting manageable amounts of the Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna continues his explanation of the Gunas: ‘ A man is said to have transcended the gunas when he does not hate the light of sattwa, or the activity of rajas, or even the delusion of tamas, while these prevail; and yet does not long for them after they have ceased. He is like one who sits unconcerned, and is not disturbed by the gunas. He knows that they are the doers of all action, and never loses this power of discrimination.He rests in the inner calm of the Atman, regarding happiness and suffering as one. Gold, mud and stone are of equal value to him. The pleasant and the unpleasant are alike. He has true discernment. He pays no attention to praise or blame. his behaviour is the same when he is honoured and when he is insulted.’

That’s quite a tall order, isn’t it? Yet we can see what Krishna means. I feel sure that the Dalai Lama has mastered this. To ‘pay no attention to praise or blame’ and to behave the same whether ‘honoured or insulted’ is going to take some chewing and digesting!