Ignorance and Knowledge

Death continues: ‘Far from each other, and leading to different ends, are ignorance and knowledge. Thee, O Nachiketa, I regard as one who aspires after knowledge, for a multitude of pleasant objects were unable to tempt thee. Living in the abyss of ignorance yet wise in their own conceit, deluded fools go round and round, the blind led by the blind. To the thoughtless youth, deceived by the vanity of earthly possessions, the path that leads to the eternal abode is not revealed. ‘This world alone is real; there is no hereafter’ – thinking thus, he falls again and again, birth after birth, into my jaws. To many it is not given to hear of the Self. Many, though they hear of it, do not understand it. Wonderful is he who speaks of it. Intelligent is he who learns of it. Blessed is he who, taught by a good teacher, is able to understand it.’

Yoga is a journey of Self-discovery. This is why it is endlessly fascinating. We keep travelling down the layers until the Self is revealed.