All about the Self

Death says: ‘The man who has learned that the Self is separate from the body, the senses, and the mind, and has fully known him, the soul of truth, the subtle principle – such a man verily attains to him, and is exceeding glad, because he has found the source and dwelling place of all felicity. Truly do I believe, O Nachiketa, that for thee the gates of joy stand open.’

Nachiketa replies: ‘ Teach me, O King, I beseech thee, whatsoever thou knowest to be beyond right and wrong, beyond cause and effect, beyond past, present and future.’

Death continues:’ Of that goal which all the Vedas declare, which is implicit in all penances, and in pursuit of which men lead lives of continence and service, of that I will  briefly speak. It is – OM. This syllable is Brahman. This syllable is indeed supreme.’

OM is the universal hymn; OM is the primordial sound; OM is the best known mantra; OM is the symbol of yoga; OM is the expression of the Supreme Being.