Blissful Self

Nachiketa asks: ” How, O King, shall I find that blissful Self, supreme, in- effable, who is attained by the wise? Does he shine by himself, or does he reflect another’s light?” The King of Death replied: ” Him the sun does not illumine, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor the lightning – nor, verily, fires kindled upon the earth. He is the one light that gives light to all. He shining, everything shines. This universe is a tree eternally existing, its root aloft, its branches spread below. The pure root of the tree is Brahman, the immortal, in whom the three worlds have their being, whom none can transcend, who is verily the Self. The whole universe came forth from Brahman and moves in Brahman. ”

Death continues: ” If a man fail to attain Brahman before he casts off his body, he must again put on a body in the world of created things. In one’s own soul Brahman is realised clearly, as if seen in a mirror…None beholds him with the eyes, for he is without visible form. Yet in the heart is he revealed, through self-control and meditation. Those who know him become immortal.”

Such an interesting description – the upturned tree. We tend, in yoga, to raise the energy from the root chakra up through the other wheels of energy to the crown chakra. Try working the other way. Bring down the light, the love and the blessings from the crown chakra to the root.