Thirty two years later

Prajapati tells Indra: “That which moves about in dreams, enjoying sensuous delights and clothed in glory, that is the Self. That is immortal, that is fearless, and that is Brahman.”

Pleased with what he had heard, Indra again departed. But before he had reached the other gods, he realised the uselessness of this knowledge also. “True it is,” he thought to himself, “that this Self is not blind when the body is blind, nor lame when the body is lame or hurt. But even in dreams it is conscious of many sufferings. So in this doctrine I can see no good.”

So he went back to Prajapati for further instruction. After thirty-two more years, Prajapati said: “When a man is sound asleep, free from dreams, and at perfect rest – that is the Self. The Self is immortal and fearless, and it is Brahman.”

Indra went away, but realised that even this knowledge was useless. “In reality,” thought he, “one does not know oneself as this or that while asleep. One is not conscious, in fact, of any existence at all. The state of one in deep sleep is next to annihilation. I can see no good in this knowledge either.”

Will Indra ever get to the bottom of this question??