The most excellent Law

This universe, before it was created, existed as Brahman. Brahman created out of himself priests, warriors, tradesmen, and servants., among both gods and men.

Then he created the most excellent Law. There is nothing higher than the Law. The Law is the truth. Therefore it is said that if a man speaks the truth he declares the Law, and if he declares the Law he speaks the truth. The Law and the truth are one.

Now if a man depart this life without knowing the kingdom of the Self, he, because of that ignorance, does not enjoy the bliss of liberation. He dies without reaching his goal. Nay, even if a man ignorant of the kingdom of the Self should do virtuous deeds on earth, he would not arrive through them at everlasting life; for the effects of his deeds would finally be exhausted. Wherefore let him know the kingdom of the Self, and that alone. The virtue of him who meditates on the kingdom of the Self is never exhausted: for the Self is the source from which all virtue springs.

The Self, out of whom the sun rises, and into which all virtue sets – that alone do the wise make their goal.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.