May you be gracious and fulfilled at the end of the day

As we grow older, we need to check ‘what it’s too late for, what it’s just right for, and what it’s too early for’. When we get the balance right in our lives, when we know who we are and where we are at, then we can feel ‘gracious and fulfilled at the end of the day’.

That feeling of being totally in the moment, at one with yourself and comfortable in your skin comes from yoga practice.Home practice is wonderful, but being part of a group is even more wonderful.

There’s a lovely saying – if you can’t find an hour a day for your yoga practice, you need an hour and a half!

I wish everyone a happy, joyful and peaceful new year…

Abundance of energy

I have been blessed with good health, an abundance of energy and a strong urge to serve. Teaching yoga is my mission and the best of who I am sits on the yoga mat. It is essential, though, that I replenish my energies in the holidays. A wise Danish friend, Inge, once explained to me that if you keep giving and giving you end up running on empty. You have nothing left to give. You must find ways to replenish. Otherwise, you are actually giving an inferior gift or you end up with nothing left for you or for your students. There is a little magic in a yoga class. There is a special energy that the the teacher channels. The spirit world can only use you if you supply them with a clear and balanced route. Having said that, there is another interesting phenomena which occurs when you teach yoga. Everything that comes through you feeds you on the way! A little is left behind…

Emotional time

Christmas and New Year are emotional times. Traditionally, it is a time for families to get together. Memories are stirred from previous festive times – good memories, and not so good memories. The passing of the years is highlighted as the young family grows up and the oldies get older. Yoga teaches us to be in the present moment – to be mindful. Experiencing and embracing the emotions is part of the journey.Our family thrives on laughter. My ribs ached at the end of our Boxing Day get-together! When you are laughing, you are truly present. A belly laugh is a great stimulant for the sacral chakra, and an antidote to the festive blues!


My Yoga Journey

I came into this life with yoga beside me.

Sat in meditation at the age of three.

I was given asthma to focus my mind on my breath.

Always understood that there was no end in death.


Met my teacher at just the right time –

Found her teaching and her philosophy sublime.

Then I practised and I taught and I grew,

So much fascinating knowledge to pursue.


Each student had a tale to tell

Of how yoga had in some way made them well.

I have never doubted my path,

Nor finished honing my craft.


And then came the call to teach teachers, blessed day!

So many eager minds to guide on their way.

To see the groups bond gladdens my heart.

Each one with fresh insights to impart.


I love my student teachers and hope to plant seeds.

To nourish their soil and help eradicate life’s weeds.

And then, when they’ve blossomed, passed the course and flown,

I know they’re busy with cultivation of their own.


And when we meet up, hug, share and talk,

I know from their challenge they do not baulk,

But push on, with yoga flag unfurled,

Passing on Patanjali’s wisdom to the world.


I know my mission and smile with delight,

As the snowball grows ever in might.

It gathers speed and size and on and on

Till the world is changed – we have begun!


Follow you own path

The Bhagavad Gita tells us that it is better to follow your own path, no matter how badly that goes, rather than following someone else’s path, no matter how well that goes.

In this lifetime, I have observed how my spiritual growth moves from peaks to troughs. As a young woman my pathway was entwined with that of my mother. Later, it was entwined with that of my daughter. On a soul level, I know that I am here to serve others; my students, my family and the larger yoga community.

Remembering others at Christmastime, sending cards and loving thoughts, is yet another way of serving. Merry Christmas to everyone reading my blog…

To make everyone feel how special they are

Part of a yoga teacher’s job is to help students realise their uniqueness. To help them to feel special. One beautiful student, who attended my Alton class and was moving, said, “You have a unique ability to make everyone in the room feel special. ¬†I will miss seeing that in action.”

I was delighted with this comment which made me feel, at once, humble and pleased. Yoga teachers open up a channel and we receive messages for those present in the class. Often I receive a nudge at the end of a practice – “Go and give so-and-so a hug.” I always act on this, trusting implicitly that it will be just what is needed…

A perennial philosophy

Yoga is a way of life. It is not just a weekly class, it is a perennial philosophy. Being a yoga teacher is who I am, and the best of who I am sits on the yoga mat. Dedicating a yoga practice to someone has a profound effect. I believe in the power of thought and we have seen the results of this time and time again. My early Monday class could all tell you stories of poorly premature babies who suddenly pulled through after the yoga class; and depressed folk suddenly finding a reason to live; and those fighting their passing suddenly relaxing and surrendering gracefully, peacefully, to their death. Students from the classes report feeling ‘sudden warmth or lightness’ when we send them healing. There is so much more to this practise of yoga than meets the eye, there is a little magic attached to it. Each student finds their way to absolutely the right class for them at that time. The class which will help them grow and progress along their path…

Everything is yoga

Everything is yoga. It’s not just going to a yoga class, sitting on your mat for the postures, breath work and meditation. Everything is yoga! ¬†Cooking dinner for your family is yoga. Walking the dog is yoga. Grooming the horse is yoga. Phoning your mum is yoga. Every breath taken is a yoga breath. Your fellow yoga students are your extended family. The love that you feel in a yoga class nourishes you on a very deep level. You are working with life-force, prana, which puts pure energy at your disposal. Live, breathe and love yoga. It is a way of life, and it can be you way of life…

Like-minded people

One of the greatest joys of being a practising yogi is being surrounded by like-minded people. I have taught yoga in the States, in India, in Spain and in Ibiza. Yoga travels well and yoga groups are always a joy to be with. When we lived in Kentucky, U.S.A., we discovered a whole new yoga community. They welcomed us with open arms.

Yoga means union. All yoga students come to understand that feeling of ‘oneness’. Coming out of a deep meditation, anywhere in the world, you feel total connection with those around you. You may not know the last name of the person next to you or, indeed, anything about them. That matters not a jot. You are one with them. They are your spiritual family…

Chapters of our lives

When you look back over your life, you see that there are times when the lessons come in thick and fast. Some periods are incredibly colourful and rich, both in joyful experiences and sad ones. This was our experience in the early 80’s. We learned then about the agony of sudden bereavement. We learned about extreme, fluctuating emotions. I became the designated emotional ‘washing-machine’ for the entire family. I felt that, in some strange way, all the emotions came to me, and I churned them around and sought to cleanse them. We learned, as we moved to the other side of the globe, about letting go of our security and diving into a new adventure. We learned about culture shock. Our young family clung together through the turbulence and grew strong.

It’s at these times that yoga’s lessons are most valuable. The asanas help to keep you grounded, the meditation calms your mind, the breathing techniques keep you in the moment. You realise the strength of you inner Self.