My Yoga Journey

I came into this life with yoga beside me.

Sat in meditation at the age of three.

I was given asthma to focus my mind on my breath.

Always understood that there was no end in death.


Met my teacher at just the right time –

Found her teaching and her philosophy sublime.

Then I practised and I taught and I grew,

So much fascinating knowledge to pursue.


Each student had a tale to tell

Of how yoga had in some way made them well.

I have never doubted my path,

Nor finished honing my craft.


And then came the call to teach teachers, blessed day!

So many eager minds to guide on their way.

To see the groups bond gladdens my heart.

Each one with fresh insights to impart.


I love my student teachers and hope to plant seeds.

To nourish their soil and help eradicate life’s weeds.

And then, when they’ve blossomed, passed the course and flown,

I know they’re busy with cultivation of their own.


And when we meet up, hug, share and talk,

I know from their challenge they do not baulk,

But push on, with yoga flag unfurled,

Passing on Patanjali’s wisdom to the world.


I know my mission and smile with delight,

As the snowball grows ever in might.

It gathers speed and size and on and on

Till the world is changed – we have begun!