Our class this week. 4/1/2016

This week we will be all about breathing in the new and breathing out the old! We’ll begin with 3 resounding OMs.

Then attention on the breath for relaxation and a reading from ‘Peace of Mind’ by Thich Naht Hanh.

After the stretches and warm-ups, we will work with CAT stretch and breath. Followed by the sequence SWAN – CAT – DOG.

We’ll use the DOWNWARD DOG to take us to standing where we will perform some mindful breathing exercises.

Then we’ll work with a standing forward bend – PADAHASTASANA – a supported back bend, and several standing TWISTS.

Returning to the mat through the squat – UTKATASANA – then working with butterfly knees, rocking buddha and the challenge pose for this half-term, ARDHA PADMASANA.

After the cool-downs, shoulder rotations and neck moves, we will sit for the GAYATRI MANTRA. This is the mantra of all mantras – very powerful. It clears the nadis and takes us all to a positive place for the New Year.

Relaxation will take us back to breathing in the new and breathing out the old.

I’m so looking forward to our first class of 2016!