This week’s class 11/1/2016

This week’s class is all about becoming grounded – firmly finding your place in the new year. We will focus on the root chakra, (Muladhara.)

Our reading comes from ‘Peace of Mind’ by Thich Naht Hanh.

During the short relaxation we will breathe out and sink down into the ground. After the stretches and warm-ups, we will proceed with supine postures. Aware of the ground beneath us, supporting us, we will work with nose to knee poses (Apanasana) and bridges (Sethu Bandhasana). We’ll move on to lying twists.

Using the boat (Navasana) as a transition pose, we’ll be seated on the mat for butterfly knees, rocking buddha, and then this half-term’s challenge, the half-lotus (Ardha Padmasana). From here we will move into a seated forward bend (Paschimottonasana), a backward bend (Purvottoanasana), and then run through all the seated twists. In between times, we will explore the root lock (Mulabandha).

Meditation, after the cool-downs, focusses on the root lock and the seed sound LAM.

Relaxation returns to breathing out and sinking down into the ground – finding our place in the New Year.