Mindful practice 18/1/2016

We are continuing our readings about mindfulness and are focussing on the sacral chakra this week. January can be a time for low energy and grey weather, so lets remind ourselves to let go and have fun with our yoga!

We’ll begin with the Equestrian posture (ASHWASANCHALANASANA).

Then on to the Monkey pose (ANJANEYASANA).

Moving on to the Pigeon (KAPOTASANA) which is so helpful for anyone with sciatica.

The Gate sequence (PARIGHASANA) is a great way to tone the trunk and to release those frustrations from the sides of the body!

From a four posture sequence we hop to a three posture sequence – swan, cat, dog. A flow of movement really helps with the letting go.

Having thoroughly warmed up, we can approach the supine thunderbolt (SUPTAVAJRASANA).

Following that with the Pranayama technique BHRAMARI.

Our challenge pose of this half term is the half-lotus, so now we will do butterfly knees, rocking buddha and half-lotus (ARDHA PADMASANA.)

Our meditation will all be about the Gayatri Mantra. This is the second time we have met it this term, so we’ll be able to let go and really enjoy it!

We’ll focus on the seed sound for the sacral chakra (SWADHISTANA) for the long relaxation.