Practice for my weekly students. 1/2/2016

This week we are focussing on the heart chakra, ANAHATA.

We begin with a mindfulness reading, then move to mindful breathing. This will open the heart. We will add ujjayi, the victorious breath.

PARSVOTTONASANA is a movement which opens the heart, too. It’s a standing forward bend and backward bend with the hands joined behind the back.

PADAHASTASANA takes us into a deep forward bend, and the second time it will be performed with the shoulders rotated.

Lets follow this with a supported backward bend, and standing twist.

We’ll work on the abdominal lock again. Uddiyan means to ‘fly upwards’. The prana will fly upwards to the heart.

Passing through squat, we will move on to half-came and full camel. (USTRASANA.)

We won’t forget the challenge pose for this half-term! ARDHA-PADMASANA.

Meditation will be silent repetition of the heart seed sound, YAM.

Relaxation will be about settling in the heart. (Left hand on the heart, right hand on the lower abdomen.)