A throat chakra class for my weekly students

This week, 8/2/16, we are focussing on the throat chakra, VISHUDHA. We’ll begin with three resounding OMs.

Shoulderstand, SARVANGASANA, plough, HALASANA, and fish, MATSYASANA follow.

Moving through boat, NAVASANA, we sit for butterfly knees and half-lotus, ARDHA-PADMASANA.

We’ll stand for 9 rounds of Salute to the moon, CHANDRA NAMASKAR, chanting the seed sounds in between each round.

Returning to the mat through the squat, UTKATASANA, we will work with BRAHMARI, the bee-breath, and then JALANDHARA BANDHA, the throat lock.

Meditation will be chanting the GAYATRI MANTRA and in the long relaxation we will silently repeat SO on the in-breath and HAM on the out-breath.