Focussing on the Crown Chakra 29/2/2016

This time, my lovely weekly students, we are focussing on the Crown Chakra.

We will begin with a short relaxation, a reading on mindfulness and the stretches and warm-ups.

The Pranayama exercise is Kapalabhati, the skull- shining breath.

We will move into work with the Hare Pose, Shashasana. After resting in the Child Pose, Balasana, we’ll move on to pose of devotion, Dharmikasana.

Since the Downward Facing Dog is our challenge pose of this half-term, we will continue with the sequence Swan – Cat – Dog. We’ll spend some time on Dog alone.

All the way through this class, we are focussing on the Crown Chakra. Now, we will meet the Half-Headstand, and for those who are fit and eager I will offer a way of doing the Headstand, Sirsasana, safely on two chairs.

The meditation is ‘So’ on the in-breath, ‘Ham’ on the out-breath.

The relaxation practice is working with the 22 body parts, Marmanasthanam Kriya.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti