Working through methodically

This week we’re going to work with Pawanmuktasana part one (the anti-rheumatic group of exercises), Pawanmuktasana part two (the anti-gastric group of exercises), and some of Pawanmuktasana part three (the energy release group of exercises).

Our pranayama technique will be working with stepped inhalation and stepped exhalation. This is such a good exercise in control!

For meditation, we’ll immerse ourselves in the Gayatri Mantra.

Relaxation will be all about tense and release. In fact, the whole practice is about release – release of stiffness, release of toxins, release of blocked energy. Just the way to set yourselves up for the half-term next week!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


Sunny day yoga

This week we’re going to begin with Kapalabhati, the skull-cleansing breath.

With nice clear heads we’ll go into Salutation to the Sun. Then on to Warrior 2, Triangle and Reverse Triangle – that will be fun, we haven’t done it for a while!

Let’s try the Half-Moon Balance. It’s known as Ardha Chandrasana. And continuing the moon focus, we’ll practise Salutation to the moon.

Through the squat and back down to the mat for preparation for our challenge pose – Tortoise. Everyone’s improving!

Meditation is all about ‘Shanti’, which means peace. (We’re still busy uncovering our Inner Peace this half-term.)

Relaxation is where we will explore waves of peace lapping over our bodies. I’m looking forward to it!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


We live in such a busy world, but yoga says, ‘Don’t forget that all the peace you ever need is found within you.’

After the short relaxation and the warm-ups, we’re going to work with Dridha Kriya to realign the spine. Then we can try some side-stretches. We’ll follow these with the Shoulderstand, Plough and Fish. Let’s have some fun moving from Plough to Seated Forward Bend! Several times…

Once seated, we’re going through our routine to take us into Tortoise. Everyone is SO improving in this pose! Well done!

Now we’re going to swivel onto our abdomens and meet Cobra, Locust and Bow. Back up into Swan, and let’s stay on the knees for Bhramari, the bee-breath.

Meditation is a lovely combination working with the breath, imagery and the word ‘peace’.

Relaxation will bring that ‘peace’ to the 22 body parts.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

A Celebration of Cats!

This week it’s a celebration of ‘cats’!

We’re seeking Inner Peace. Finding ways of using movement to uncover the peace within.

Cat stretch and breath begins our work. Then we’ll add counting into the three areas used for the Complete Yoga Breath. Then the Victorious Breath will be added. Let’s have a big Dog Stretch! Back to cat for the ‘wagging of the tail’ – SO good for relieving tension in the lower back! Now we’re going to use a knee to nose routine, in the cat pose, to exaggerate the movement in the spine. Let’s try that big dog stretch again!

Moving meditation in the form of Swan-Cat-Dog will take us to our peaceful inner centre, especially when we add the victorious breath once more.

Now on to some work in Camel, (Ustrasana). And we’ll complete our asana work with the challenge pose of this half-term which is Tortoise.

Meditation is a visualisation. Come along and try it!

Relaxation is breathing in ‘peace’ and breathing out ‘peace’

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti.