We live in such a busy world, but yoga says, ‘Don’t forget that all the peace you ever need is found within you.’

After the short relaxation and the warm-ups, we’re going to work with Dridha Kriya to realign the spine. Then we can try some side-stretches. We’ll follow these with the Shoulderstand, Plough and Fish. Let’s have some fun moving from Plough to Seated Forward Bend! Several times…

Once seated, we’re going through our routine to take us into Tortoise. Everyone is SO improving in this pose! Well done!

Now we’re going to swivel onto our abdomens and meet Cobra, Locust and Bow. Back up into Swan, and let’s stay on the knees for Bhramari, the bee-breath.

Meditation is a lovely combination working with the breath, imagery and the word ‘peace’.

Relaxation will bring that ‘peace’ to the 22 body parts.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti