Sunny day yoga

This week we’re going to begin with Kapalabhati, the skull-cleansing breath.

With nice clear heads we’ll go into Salutation to the Sun. Then on to Warrior 2, Triangle and Reverse Triangle – that will be fun, we haven’t done it for a while!

Let’s try the Half-Moon Balance. It’s known as Ardha Chandrasana. And continuing the moon focus, we’ll practise Salutation to the moon.

Through the squat and back down to the mat for preparation for our challenge pose – Tortoise. Everyone’s improving!

Meditation is all about ‘Shanti’, which means peace. (We’re still busy uncovering our Inner Peace this half-term.)

Relaxation is where we will explore waves of peace lapping over our bodies. I’m looking forward to it!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti