Sunny thoughts

We’re beginning this week’s class with the Sun breath. Let’s connect to the sunshine within us! Then on to the Salutation to the Sun, integrating our challenge pose in the centre. You’re all doing really well with the slantboard balance!

Let’s move on to the Sun’s oppo and Salute the Moon. Tuning into the two sides of the being – Sun and Moon, left and right, masculine and feminine…

Now we’ll try the balance sequence. It’s a while since we met this – three postures leading smoothly into one another.

Down through the squat and on to the abdomen to take a moment. Then let’s take ourselves through cobra, locust and bow. Pushing back into the swan, we’ll have a lovely contra-stretch, before attempting the variation on the swan.

If we have time, we’ll work with the mermaid twist and Bhramari, the bee breath.

Meditation is on OM.

Relaxation is working with the first part of Kaya Kriya.

I shall have my books on sale this week in class! ‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’ is selling well. (Cost – £7.99.) It contains important messages that we need to get out into the world! Please help…

Our last classes this term are Thursday July 7th, Friday July 8th, and Monday July 11th.

The Annual Retreat runs from July 22nd to July 24th.

We return in the autumn on Thursday September 15th and Friday September 16th.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti



‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’

My latest book is now available on Amazon! It’s a novel way to navigate the ageing process, and uses story to spread the teachings of yoga.

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‘Home from OM’ employs the ancient yoga technique of story-telling to put across spiritual teachings, the infinite wisdom. Following the progress of ten occupants of a residential home, we engage with their lives and their pasts. Can living in a yoga community bring grace and fulfillment to their last years? Could this be a way for the elderly to progress instead of diminish? Or will new challenges emerge from the experiment? Carole Kerton has been teaching yoga for forty-one years. She believes in using humour and anecdotes to facilitate learning. Whilst yoga supports all age groups, the elderly in Carole’s classes thrive on their practice.

Yoga means union

We’ve been looking at impermanence, but one thing that never changes is that yoga means union. Yoga classes are kind, caring and inclusive. Yogis reach out to others…

We’re going to begin our practice this week with Malla Kriya – whooshing away the breath. Then we’re going into Salute to the Sun featuring the slant-board balance. We’ll try a balance pose with the leg out-stretched before going back down through the squat to the mat.

Now let’s practise Half-Camel and Camel. These are beautiful backward bends which give flexibility to the spine and the opportunity to open the heart. We’ll encourage unconditional love, the kind, caring and inclusive vibe which is the watchword of yoga practice.

Now into the Mermaid twists, and some seated twists, too. (Marvellous for the digestive system!)

The meditation is a 12 minute brain boosting exercise taken from Kundalini yoga. We use the sounds SAAH, TAAH, NAAH, MAAH, whilst touching the thumbs to the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger in turn.

We’ll stay with those mantra sounds for the long, restful relaxation.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

Life is change

We’re continuing with our theme of impermanence. This is a theme which is explored in my latest book. Traditionally yoga teachings, the eternal wisdom, are shared by story-telling. So it is with my book – the outward, and inward, adventures of a yoga community…

This week we’re going to begin with the integral yoga breathing exercises. Then we’re going into half of the Salute to the Sun, meeting our challenge pose – slant-board balanced on one hand in the middle! We will then complete the sequence and repeat.

Let’s move on to the warriors! Warrior 1, 2 and 3. Then down through the squat for some work on all fours. We’ll cover cat stretch and breath, the movement with the leg, and then swan – cat – dog. Let’s give the dog some alone time, and really stretch out the hamstrings!

Meditation is exploring impermanence through the breath. Breathe in from as if a long, long way away…Breathe out to a long, long way away…

Relaxation is the wonderful tense and release. Give the body the contrast. Let it know what real relaxation actually is!

Our last classes this term are as follows: Thursday class, July 7th; Friday July 8th; and Monday July 11th.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

My Latest Book

My latest book will be available at the end of this month!

This week our theme will be on Impermanence.

We’re going to begin with the Tree of Life breath. Then we’ll take ourselves into the first part of Salute to the Sun. Once down in slant-board, we’ll meet our challenge posture for this half-term. By swivelling the feet we can balance on one arm, raising the other one to the sky. This is a great strengthener for the upper arms! After resting on the abdomen, we’ll proceed into the cobra and complete the Salute to the Sun sequence.

Now we’re going to practise forward bends, all forms, backward bends and twists.

Let’s see how the balance skills are progressing! We’ll look at Tree, Eagle and Dancer before going down through the squat.

The meditation will feature the Square Breath, Sama Vritti Pranayama, and we”ll round off our class with Surya Kriya – such a delightful relaxation.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti