Life is change

We’re continuing with our theme of impermanence. This is a theme which is explored in my latest book. Traditionally yoga teachings, the eternal wisdom, are shared by story-telling. So it is with my book – the outward, and inward, adventures of a yoga community…

This week we’re going to begin with the integral yoga breathing exercises. Then we’re going into half of the Salute to the Sun, meeting our challenge pose – slant-board balanced on one hand in the middle! We will then complete the sequence and repeat.

Let’s move on to the warriors! Warrior 1, 2 and 3. Then down through the squat for some work on all fours. We’ll cover cat stretch and breath, the movement with the leg, and then swan – cat – dog. Let’s give the dog some alone time, and really stretch out the hamstrings!

Meditation is exploring impermanence through the breath. Breathe in from as if a long, long way away…Breathe out to a long, long way away…

Relaxation is the wonderful tense and release. Give the body the contrast. Let it know what real relaxation actually is!

Our last classes this term are as follows: Thursday class, July 7th; Friday July 8th; and Monday July 11th.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti