Yoga means union

We’ve been looking at impermanence, but one thing that never changes is that yoga means union. Yoga classes are kind, caring and inclusive. Yogis reach out to others…

We’re going to begin our practice this week with Malla Kriya – whooshing away the breath. Then we’re going into Salute to the Sun featuring the slant-board balance. We’ll try a balance pose with the leg out-stretched before going back down through the squat to the mat.

Now let’s practise Half-Camel and Camel. These are beautiful backward bends which give flexibility to the spine and the opportunity to open the heart. We’ll encourage unconditional love, the kind, caring and inclusive vibe which is the watchword of yoga practice.

Now into the Mermaid twists, and some seated twists, too. (Marvellous for the digestive system!)

The meditation is a 12 minute brain boosting exercise taken from Kundalini yoga. We use the sounds SAAH, TAAH, NAAH, MAAH, whilst touching the thumbs to the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger in turn.

We’ll stay with those mantra sounds for the long, restful relaxation.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti