Sunny thoughts

We’re beginning this week’s class with the Sun breath. Let’s connect to the sunshine within us! Then on to the Salutation to the Sun, integrating our challenge pose in the centre. You’re all doing really well with the slantboard balance!

Let’s move on to the Sun’s oppo and Salute the Moon. Tuning into the two sides of the being – Sun and Moon, left and right, masculine and feminine…

Now we’ll try the balance sequence. It’s a while since we met this – three postures leading smoothly into one another.

Down through the squat and on to the abdomen to take a moment. Then let’s take ourselves through cobra, locust and bow. Pushing back into the swan, we’ll have a lovely contra-stretch, before attempting the variation on the swan.

If we have time, we’ll work with the mermaid twist and Bhramari, the bee breath.

Meditation is on OM.

Relaxation is working with the first part of Kaya Kriya.

I shall have my books on sale this week in class! ‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’ is selling well. (Cost – £7.99.) It contains important messages that we need to get out into the world! Please help…

Our last classes this term are Thursday July 7th, Friday July 8th, and Monday July 11th.

The Annual Retreat runs from July 22nd to July 24th.

We return in the autumn on Thursday September 15th and Friday September 16th.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti