Summer reading solved!

It’s the last class this week for the Thursday and Friday groups, but your summer reading is solved! ‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’ is available from Amazon, paperback and kindle version. Buy now! (You can also purchase it from this blog!)

This week, as a special end of term treat, we’re having Savasana as our challenge pose. Yes, it is actually possible to do relaxation pose incorrectly! I shall enjoy checking you all…

We’ll begin our asana practice with the shoulderstand, then onto the plough. We’ll progress to the fish, the nose-to-knee poses, the bridges and then the lying twists. After sitting up through the boat, we’ll do seated forward bend, backward bend and twists.

The meditation is a visualisation of the little white temple on the hill. Then the relaxation is the first part of Kaya Kriya, (I had such good feedback after this last week!)

Our focus will be on the challenge pose, Savasana, preparing us for a beautiful relaxed summer break!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti