Review for ‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’

This book is a sequel to Yoga Prescribed and although written in a completely different format, is equally informative and enjoyable. As we glimpse the priveleged and idealistic concept of living out our twilight years in a loving, healthy, supported way as an occupant of an old ‘yogi’s’ home, we become acquainted with each resident and learn about their lives during and prior to their arrival. The proprietors, Susie and Rob, are the unfailingly kind and loving couple who own and run the home, appropriately named Home from Om. Susie is the yoga teacher there, too, and through her ideas and teachings the story provides a clever framework through which we are taught an abundance of yoga techniques, practices and understandings. The book is easy reading yet provides a plethora of ideas to ponder and incorporate in to the reader’s own yoga practice or teachings whilst simultaneously introduces to us the comforting notion that our final chapters could be fulfilling and immensely enjoyable. I recommend this book to all yoga enthusiasts and indeed anyone wishing to expand their sense of inner peace.