Manomaya Kosha

We’re realising this term that we are made up of many layers. This week we move on to Manomaya Kosha – the mental sheath. This part of ourselves is brought into balance by the practices of meditation and chanting.

We’ll begin with thought-watching. Observing the everyday mind gives us an opportunity to understand it. Let’s plant the intention that we will keep the mind present throughout the class.

Our asana practice begins with the jelly-fish, where we’ll meet a gentle movement which calms the everyday mind and the nervous system. We’ll continue with the bridges, taking our time and keeping the mind present and connected to the body and the breath. After resting in the Goddess pose, we’ll practise more bridges before returning to the jelly-fish.

Let’s try some twists. We’ll keep the mind in the body and be totally aware in each movement.

Coming to sitting through the boat, we’ll move into the sequence swan – cat – dog. (Sequences really help us to keep the mind present and gentle.) Then move on to our challenge pose, the extreme swan. Is it getting easier??

Lying on the abdomen, we’ll work with cobra, locust and bow. Repeating the variation on the swan here will give us an opportunity to see how well we’ve increased the flexibility in the hips, lower back and shoulders.

Our pranayama technique is stepped inhalation, and we’ll repeat a mantra for the long relaxation – ‘I am relaxing my body’ on the in-breath, ‘I’m relaxing my mind’ on the out-breath.

The reading this week is taken from ‘Daily OM’ and the theme is Manomaya Kosha which falls into the category of the Spiritual Body.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti