The Everyday Mind

This week, we’re continuing our focus on Manomaya Kosha, the mental sheath.

In order to plant positive thoughts into the everyday mind, we first have to prepare the ground. Yoga offers many tools for calming the mind and releasing the weeds. We’ll begin this practice with the left hand on the heart and the right hand on the lower abdomen. This has a soothing effect on the busy mind. Let’s state an intention to keep the mind present and in good connection with the body and the breath throughout the class.

We meet the Tree of Life Breath, adding Ujjayi Pranayama to it. On to a balance with the leg extended out to the front. We’ll follow this with the Dancer’s Pose. Moving on to Parsvottonasana we”l practise backward bends and forward bends. After a pause, where we check that the mind is still totally present, we’ll go into a deep forward bend – Padahastasana. Let’s try that now with the shoulders rotated and the hands joined behind the back.

Returning to the mat through the squat, our next challenge is the Crow Pose. Then to Cat and the extreme Swan. This is the last week where we focus on this asana, so we’ll dwell on it a little.

Finishing with the Mermaid, we’ll proceed to cool-downs and a visualisation for meditation. This one is called ‘The Silent Boatmen’. Many folk find that guided imagery keeps their everyday mind engaged.

We’ll complete our practice with the 22 body part relaxation visiting each part of the body in order to relax it.

Half-term next week!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti