Another level to our being!

Do hope that everyone has had an excellent half-term break!

We’re continuing to look at the many levels which are contained within our being. In yoga, we call these sheaths or koshas.

This week we’re going to focus on Vijnanamaya Kosha, the intellect or intuitive sheath. There is a magic to yoga practice and much of this magic comes from freeing the intuition. To this end, we’ll work with Pawanmuktasana 1, the anti-rheumatic group of exercises, and Pawanmuktasana 2, the anti-gastric group of exercises. The first works systematically through the body from the toes to the neck. It releases stiffness, discomfort and toxins as it goes. The second one works methodically through the digestive system, massaging the digestive organs, freeing up blockages and ensuring that elimination is thorough. We’ll then sit for some of the Pawanmuktasana 3 movements. These release energy blockages, and while the first two are working with the Annamaya Kosha (the physical sheath), this one works with Pranayama Kosha, (the energy sheath).

Meditation will be working with mudra and mantra. We’ll sound SA as we touch the index finger with the thumb, TA as we touch the middle finger, NA as we touch the ring finger and MA as we touch the little finger. This we do out loud for two minutes, in a whisper for two minutes, silently for four minutes, then whispered for two minutes and out loud, to finish, for two minutes. This takes twelve minutes in total and keeps the everyday mind fully engaged.

Relaxation will give us an opportunity to connect with the brow chakra and our intuition, which has been freed by the yoga practice.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti