Working through the layers – the higher mind

For the second week, we’re focusing on Vijnanamaya Kriya. The reading gives our higher mind something to consider…

We’re going to begin our asana practice with the bridges. Such a good way to improve the suppleness of the spine and to open the heart. We’ll move to the nose-to-knee poses and then to a good twist. Let’s now throw in an inversion in the form of the shoulderstand. Moving into the plough, we’ll look at the world from a different angle! Now for the fish – one of my favourite poses…

Coming to seated through the boat, let’s work with butterfly knees, rocking buddha and the two legs extended balance – Merudandasana. And SMILE! let’s try the tortoise.

Now to our challenge of this half-term. It’s a wide-legged forward bend, which is quite a tricky one for anyone with tight hamstrings. Then we’ll move on to Paschimotonasana (forward bend), Purvottonasana (backward stretch) and finish with the simple twist.

Meditation is a buddhist one. It’s a visualisation on a river and falling autumn leaves. Beautiful. For relaxation, we’ll work with the head movement from Kaya Kriya. This calms and soothes the everyday mind, giving space and liberation to the higher mind.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti