Anandamaya Kosha is the blissful sheath and belongs to the Causal Body. It is the fifth of the layers that we are exploring and is the cosmic body, spirit, cosmic consciousness, Atman.

All yoga paths lead to bliss!

‘Yoga is alchemy; this ancient teaching is a finely tuned medicine form which leads to a more joyful way of living.’ Wenche Beard.

This is the week of the super-moon, so we’ll begin our practice with salute to the moon. Each round will be followed by the recitation of the seed sounds for the chakras. We’ll do three rounds.

Now let’s work with a forward bend, backward bend and twist. These will prepare us for the mountain sequence. Our balance will be the half-moon, always a challenge but another celebration of our special moon!

Moving back to the mat through the squat, we’ll work with seated forward bend, then wide-legged forward bend, ( this is our challenge pose for this half-term.) Let’s have a big backward stretch after that in the form of Purvottonasana. And we’ll complete the asana practice with cosmic egg balance.

For meditation we’ll silently repeat ‘OM’ on the in-breath and ‘OM’ on the out-breath. This will help us find and dwell in our bliss sheath.

More silent repetition for the relaxation as we say ‘I am bliss’ on the in-breath, and ‘Bliss I am’ on the out-breath.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti