This term we will be looking at the various different classical yoga paths. We’ll begin with Hatha Yoga. HA means sun, and THA means moon. The physical aspect of yoga (i.e. working with the asanas, the breathing and ways of cleansing) is a discipline which prepares us for union with the divine. Hatha Yoga is said to be the ‘stairway to raja yoga.’

You’ll like the challenge pose this half-term! It’s the mountain pose, tadasana. This one looks easy, but does have many layers…From mountain we”ll go into tree of life breath. Then work with forward bends, backward bend and twists. We’ll be considering how yoga practice brings us into balance – the left and the right sides, the back and the front, the upper and the lower, the masculine and the feminine, and the mind and the body.

Let’s try the mountain sequence with the arms shoulder width apart. Then work with the tree balance.

Moving down through the squat, we’ll sit for forward bend, backward bend and a series of twists.

The meditation will feature ‘HA’ on the in breath and ‘THA’ on the out breath. Relaxation will be Anu Loma Viloma Kriya, a great practice for observing and balancing the solar and lunar energies within us.

That’s the way to start the New Year! Coming into perfect balance!

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti