This term we’ll be looking at the nadis, the energy pathways. We’re beginning with a very gentle class. Let’s be aware, as we lie to relax, of the movement of air through the nostrils.
After our stretches, we’ll work with some gentle leg movements. Then on to the most gentle of twists. Now, let’s explore the bridge movement, combining it with the breath. Remain aware of the energy moving through the vital body.
Coming gently to standing, we’ll meet the integral yoga breathing exercises. The last one features a balance.
Still focusing on the energies, let’s try the swaying palm.
Then,like a rag-doll, we’ll hang from the waist. Always gentle, we’ll take ourselves through some forward bends and meet this term’s challenge pose. Then proceed into Salute to the Moon. This sequence is a wonderful study of the energy pathways.
Alternate nostril breathing will take us into meditation, and we’ll finish with a deep relaxation which concentrates on the breath.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


Yoga is all about love

This term we’ve been considering the classical paths of yoga. All yoga is based on love, so whether you are into Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Gnana yoga, Bhakti yoga or Karma yoga, you’ll be coming from a place of love.

After the short relaxation and the stretches and warm-ups, we’ll begin by working with the cobra pose. Let’s try a variety of approaches. Then we’ll continue with the locust and the bow. On to a nice solid slantboard, adding the one-handed balance. Now we’ll try an interesting and somewhat tricky version of slantboard, before pushing back into the swan.

The sequence swan – cat – dog works very well with ujjayi breathing. Then we’ll progress to swan – cat – cobra. Coming up on to the knees, we’ll practise the half-camel and the full camel. That’s one of my favourite poses! On to a twist now in the form of the mermaid.

No, I haven’s forgotten the challenge pose! For the last time this term we’ll enjoy working with the nose-to-knee posture.

Meditation is focusing on something very small – the tip of the nose. And relaxation is marmanasthanam kriya, the 22 body part relaxation.

Have a great Easter break everyone! We’re returning on April 27th/28th for an 11 week summer term.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

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