Pingala – positive, solar energy

Pingala is the nerve channel or nadi which carries positive, solar energy. This week we’ll be exploring Pingala and the effect it has on us.
We’ll begin by paying attention to the breath at the point of the nostrils. After a while, we’ll focus on just the right nostril.
After the stretches, we’ll use some gentle movements to get in touch with our energies. Coming to sitting through the boat, we’ll proceed into the sitting twists. This week, we’ll repeat the twists to the right side.
Standing, we’ll move into a deep forward bend, and then continue on to the wide-legged forward bend. Here we meet the challenge pose for this half-term.
Now let’s explore a standing twist movement, but we’ll pause as we twist to the right. We’ll finish with one slow Salute to the Sun.
Squatting will bring us back down for cool-downs and meditation. We’ll begin with alternate nostril breathing and then move into a deeper awareness of the right nostril.
Relaxation focuses on the breath, too. We’ll breathe in strength and breathe out weakness.
If you have any big decisions to make this week, or if you have some practical tasks which needs strength, attack them this weekend! This class will serve you!
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti