All about Ida

Ida, pronounced EEda,is the left nerve channel residing in the spine, which carries the cooling, lunar, receptive energy.
We’ll begin our practice with the Tree of Life breath, but we’ll alternate our focus – first on the left nostril and then on the right. We’ll move into Mountain Sequence, being very aware of the half-moon stretch. Let’s move on to ardha-chandrasana, the half-moon balance. This one’s tricky!
From one challenge to another as we bend from the hips and meet the deep forward bend. This time, we’ll use the out-breath through the left nostril to take us lower.
Now to a standing twist. we’ll pause, dwell, on the left side.
Squatting we’ll return to the mat and work with Bhramari, the bee-breath. Let’s chant for meditation – ‘the river it is flowing’ has a second verse which is all about the moon.
Relaxation is Anu Loma Viloma Kriya, where we work with the in-breath on the right side, and the out-breath on the left.
This practice is all about Ida, the channel which carries the lunar energy.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti