Is bliss possible in times of crisis?

It seems to me that mankind has made such a mess of looking after the planet that, finally, Mother Earth rolled up her sleeves and said, ‘Right. This is how it’s done.’ We’re reaping some deep global karma. Pollution is clearing right now as cars are kept off the roads. Folk are looking out for one another. Compassion is stirred as people appreciate the N.H.S and it’s staff. Volunteers are showing up in droves. Well done, Mother Earth! I am convinced that some positives will emerge out of this huge crisis. We will be compelled to behave differently post corona virus.

No excuses now! The majority of us have more time to meditate. Find your way to bliss, samadhi. Whilst we heal the planet, we must also heal ourselves. Remember when you get to bed at night, to place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your lower abdomen – this is the position for self-nourishment.

Stay well. Sit in your heart centre. Love and co-operation will carry us through…

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

P.S. If anyone is confused by the new format, please see my previous post titled ‘All Change’.

P.P.S. If any of my students in my current classes wish me to send them a weekly class plan, please email me. I will be delighted to oblige. I will no longer be posting it publicly.

C xxx

All change!

This pandemic is bringing huge changes. The historians say that we will mark this time in the future with BC – before coronavirus – and AC – after coronavirus.

Many of my yoga colleagues are now responding to this crisis by posting practices online. You can all access a huge variety of home classes. Therefore, I have decided to limit my posts from now on to cheerful comments and positive statements. It is my hope that these will serve to keep us all upbeat in these trying times. I’ve been writing posts for five years now and I have learnt that my blog develops an energy of it’s own! Let’s see where it takes us!

Meanwhile, any students in my current classes who would like to receive a class plan during the duration of the isolation and social distancing, please email me. I’ll be delighted to reply to those people who I am currently teaching. My practices will no longer be made public.

Many apologies to anyone who is disappointed or inconvenienced by this change. The sands are shifting…

I hold all my current followers in my heart space. Keep well.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti