safe_imageImagine following a life from conception to demise. Imagine yoga’s philosophy and teachings woven through that life. Imagine feeling the messages, subtle and profound, through the medium of poetry. You have imagined ‘Yogajosam’. Read it, absorb it, live it, and then experience a deep sense of spiritual nourishment.
A must-have for your yoga library…




Yoga practice is based on enquiry. Yoga Poses Questions demonstrates the continuing dialogue between a yoga teacher, Susie, and her mentor, Yoga himself. Featuring queries from both sides of this relationship, the book explores and digests the eternal wisdom of the yoga path.
Home From OM is the quirky name of Susie’s old yogis’ establishment. It houses a community founded and run on the yogic principles. The residents live the yoga way of life, embracing the rules of healthy exercise, healthy nutrition and healthy interaction. Meet Bernard, Valerie and their friends. Find the answers to your unspoken questions and discover whether wisdom can be gained by discussion. Will the elderly yogis thrive or wither?



‘Home from OM’ employs the ancient yoga technique of story-telling to put across spiritual teachings, the infinite wisdom. Following the progress of ten occupants of a residential home, we engage with their lives and their pasts. Can living in a yoga community bring grace and fulfillment to their last years? Could this be a way for the elderly to progress instead of diminish? Or will new challenges emerge from the experiment? Carole Kerton has been teaching yoga for forty-one years. She believes in using humour and anecdotes to facilitate learning. Whilst yoga supports all age groups, the elderly in Carole’s classes thrive on their practice.





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YOGA PRESCRIBED is a yoga novel, a new genre, providing a crossover between mind, body, spirit and fiction. The story tells of a young wife and mother who lives the yoga way of life. Susie shares her learning with family and students. Her sole motivation is to promote their health. Little does she know, though, where her suggestions will lead them all… Engaging with the story, readers may discover the wisdom of yoga teachings and may also find tools and techniques they want to embrace for their own well-being. Author, Carole Kerton’s continuing yoga career spans almost four decades. The former chairman of a well-known yoga society, Carole has trained eighty teachers and written for a variety of publications. In addition to teaching in Britain and in America, the author has led retreats in Europe and in India. She now lives in Hampshire, England, with her husband and her dog (both practising yogis!).